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Ron V's Websites

RonV.net Ron's Main Page
It's the page you clicked on to get here.
genealogy.ronv.net Ron's Genealogy Background
This webpage gives a history of my genealogy experience including regular genealogy (paper) research and DNA (genetic) research including my background in each.
bio.ronv.netRon's Bio
My Biography briefly tells my life story, a little about my church, family and career, and my interests such as music, photography, computers, travel, and such.  Since I have several websites dedicated to genealogy, I have a separate "bio" just for that (below).
Blog.RonV.net Ron's Blog
I have 2 blogs.  Here's where I post things of general interest to family and friends.
MyKinfolks/blogRon's Genealogy Photo Blog
On this blog I share old family photos and tell stories about them.
MyKinFolks.org Ron's Genealogy 
This website is dedicated to all my genealogy not just my lineage (like the one below).  "Lineage" means "one family line" (like Vincent).  This is for ALL my family lines, including Vincent.
VincentFamily.org Ron's Lineage
I have two genealogy websites.  This one is just for my Vincent lineage.
Ron's DNA ExperienceRon's DNA
I first got involved with DNA testing for genealogy in it's infancy in 2001 but didn't know what I was getting into until 2008.  This web page explains my learning process from year to year.
RonnieVincent.comRon's Photo Essays
For nearly 15 years I've shared life events, travels, and such via photos.
rev.ronv.netOdds & Ends
Web pages which don't fit anywhere else, mostly random thoughts on things which I've shared via email with friends over the past several years.  If you ever visited my now defunct domain "REVincent.com", this is where I moved those pages.
Other sites I maintain other webpages not listed here which I share with close friends and family.
NOTE ABOUT EMAIL: Please update your contacts list.  Our current email addresses should end in either "@ronv.net", or "@vincentfamily.org."  
Older email addresses ending in "@vincentfam.net", "ronnievincent.com" or "@revincent.com" are no longer valid.  Thanks.
If you have any questions or would like to get in touch, email me, RonV@ this website.  I'd love to hear from you.

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