Ron V's Websites & Links

RonV.netRon's Main Page directs you to the page you're reading now.
bio.ronv.netRon's Bio
My Biography briefly tells you my interests and life story.
RonVblog.comRon's Blog
Rather than maintain a photo blog or photo essays, mine is a regular blog page, mostly stories beneath a descriptive photo or GIF image.
VincentFamily.orgMy Lineage
This website is dedicated to family research on my father's surname only.  Other websites exist which are dedicated to the Vincent surname but this is one is for proven relatives with  a yDNA haplotype of I1 who descend from Vincents or Vinsons from the U.S.A.
mykinfolks.orgMy Genealogy
Family history research has been part of my life for over 40 years.  This domain is for web pages dedicated to my family history. Family's Genealogy Photos
This is how I share full-sized old family photos with all my kin. Family's Genealogy Photo Blog
I created the blog to discuss the old photos and stories I share with other family members.  There's also a Facebook Page that directs kin to the blog.
WorldFamilies.netThe Vincent DNA Project
I do not own this website but I am the adminstrator.
emailron.comEmail Redirect
I can be easily reached.  Go to this site for my email address.
Other sitesI maintain other sites that aren't listed here.
If you have any questions just email me.  My email address is posted at

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